Friday, August 21, 2015

Hi I'm at Starbucks

Today is my sister's birthday and like a good big sister I ordered her a pretty pink bouquet. My plan was to surprise her and send flowers to her job. 
Problem was I didn't know if she would be at the office on her birthday. We sisters have a tendency not to work on our birthdays. Personally I take the entire week off, just saying.

I called my Mom to see if she knew my sister's plan and naturally she didn't have a clue. There was no way I could call my sissy and ask her, without giving away the surprise, so I just crossed my fingers and sent them to her job.

So today, I call her to wish her a happy birthday, but got her voicemail. Hmm just realized I didn't sing happy birthday as I always do, oh well. 

When we finally connected I find out that SHE TOOK THE DAY OFF, and had a full day planned. Damn! I thought, what about the flowers? The only thing to do was call the online florist and reroute the delivery to her home, with instructions to call her to arrange a delivery time since she would be out. I also pointed out how her home was in a totally different borough (she live's in NY) that her place of work. I REMEMBER HAVING THIS CONVERSATION with the kind lady from customer service who assured me all was well.

So why did I have the following conversation with my sister two to three hours later

Sis: "So you sent me flowers?" Now this is not the "thank you sis for my beautiful flowers"  (Now comment I was expecting. So right off the bat I knew something was askew.)
Me: "ummm, why do you ask?" still doing my best to keep the surprise going. 
Sis: "Oh because someone just called saying "Hi I'm at Starbucks are you home?"
Me: ....what?
Sis: "(laughing) so I asked who are you and why are you at Starbucks?" 

It was the idiot delivery guy at the starbucks near her JOB not her home as per the change. He explained he had a flower delivery, and naturally she asked from whom. 

Now this is where things get really crazy.  He asked her to hold on while he PULLED THE CARD FROM OUT THE ENVELOPE AND READ HER MY MESSAGE WORD FOR WORD......WHO DOES THAT!? 

Surprise blown, shot, a big ass fail! I was beside myself as my sister recited my birthday message to me, ending with the question she lead with " sent me flowers?" she laughs.
Then as if things weren't screwed up enough, the idiot delivery guy rang her doorbell while I was on the phone. And at that point my only concern was if the bouquet was made of all pink flowers like I ordered and asked my sis to send me a pic. 

.....yes the flowers were pink but LOOKED NOTHING LIKE THE FLOWERS IN THE PICTURE I PAID FOR!! Needless to say, I made another call to the online florist.

Only this type of craziness happens to us. Love you sissy and hope you had a happy birthday.

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